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Theexpression in this word allows the viewer suspect to analyse and read this book again and here also. PDF Formatted 8. Set up it still you seek!

Accomplish you finding to take Ricordati di sorridere book? Is that this research persuade the customers future? Of lifespan yes. This book gives the readers many references and knowledge that bring positive influence in the future. It gives the readers good spirit. Although the content of this book aredifficult to be done in the real life, but it is still give good idea.

It makes the readers feel enjoy and still positive thinking. This book really gives you good thought that will very influence for the readers future. How to get thisbook? Getting this book is simple and easy. You can download the soft file of this book in this website. Do you walk to school?

Jim walks to school with Ian and me I always have a 4 s Sam has lunch with Alice and me Are you hungry? In Paris Do you like it?

I have 5 d Do you like Madonna? Does he play football? Twice a week Does she like fish? She never catches the bus They often eat chips He does his homework with Robert I really like her In the morning I always have a big 1 b Do you like Geography? Then I go upstairs and have a 2 s Because she works here Do they read at night? I prefer Maths I really like them Do you like Coldplay? In August I prefer pizza..

Do you like them? Vocabulary 5 Forma 5 frasi usando le parole nella tabella I like them Muse are OK They have lunch at school I prefer Muse I have pizza on Friday Do you like lettuce? I love pasta Do they have lunch at school? In the garden Our school dinners are different thanks to Jamie Oliver Glossary repeat ripetere meal pasto healthy sano junk food cibo spazzatura rules regole kids bambini need aver bisogno di Reading 1 Leggi i brani There is usually a meat or fish dish with chips and a vegetable Jamie is a famous TV cook in the UK Then we have cake..

With good food our students have good school reports too I am an American mum.

To drink There is a fixed number of calories for different age groups: My son. He wants healthy meals and only water to drink. I really like school meals because I eat with my friends.. There are a lot of fruit and vegetables on the menu and no burgers and no chips We have a different menu every day for three weeks: Steve likes apples Where do you have lunch?

Steve likes burgers and chips Give examples Donal often has fast food Donal has lunch out every day He always has coffee after lunch Jennifer makes great pizza at home Writing 1 Does your school have a canteen?

Ascolta di nuovo Jennifer always eats fruit and vegetables Finishes work Sometimes she works in the morning He usually catches the bus We have our breakfast with him.. He starts work at 8 p.. Starts work Twice a week she works at night He is a watchman..

Her week days at work are always different Then he leaves for work Fortunately we live watchman guardia notturna in a detached house He has breakfast at 6 p Has dinner.

Reading 1 Leggi i racconti di Jason e Alexandra Once a week she has a day off He watches the news on TV from his bed for half an hour Gets up Has breakfast Henry Mary Henry eats with his family Then he goes into the kitchen Writing 2 Indica se le frasi sono vere T o false F Vocabulary 1 Trova i 10 nomi nascosti nel serpente di parole e abbinali alla categoria a cui appartengono There is a sofa in his house Le chiede se ha un telefono cellulare Grammar 4 Guarda la tabella su richard I can a bit I play the guitar every day Can you Can you play the recorder?

I can Can I Chinese a bit Can you play rugby? I can a bit. I play basketball every day He can sing I love music.. I play it every day Can you ski?

Are you good at it? Functions 6 riordina le battute dei due dialoghi mischiati I can ski a bit Sara Yes My brothers Shop Assistant Here you are Beth and I Shop Assistant Sure Come with me Sara Sure Sara No Simon and I Mum and dad Is it OK? Shop Assistant No Shop Assistant They are watching watch TV Of course.

They are really realistic. Robert Pattinson. Michael Jackson and Prince William and Kate!! There are loads of different wax models of film stars.. I promise. Do you want to come? We can go in the morning some day this week.. My mum has two brilliant photos. Mornings are best. Silly boy! I want to take photos with Robert Pattinson. What are you doing this week? I definitely want to see that!

Then there is the Chamber of Horrors In the afternoon there are always a lot of people. TV heroes too When can you go?

After we go to the wax cera museum.. American presidents. Hi Patricia.. Any day is fine for me. The museum is in Marylebone Road.. There are TV heroes too: My brother has a photo with Einstein. He has a photo with Lionel Messi.

Barbara e Alison Taylor Lautner is the vampire Eduard in the films.

T 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 3 rispondi alle domande su di te Barbara has a photo with Robert Pattinson Alison has a photo with two members of One Direction T 1 2 3 4 5 56 Erika is writing to Pamela We can ride horses or go swimming in the sea I want some new flip flops and maybe a hat and sunglasses too! What do you usually do in the summer? Do you go to Summer Camps? Do you do activities or sports? Can you sing..

I love Cornwall! The coast is really beautiful There is also a big party at the end of the camp She likes rugby. There are a lot of boys and girls from the UK. Germany and Italy at the camp I usually wear jeans I love music! There are boys and girls from all over Europe at the camp Reading Hi Erika I usually go to a Summer Camp at the seaside for two weeks There are a lot of activities and sports at the camp..

Some boys and girls can play musical instruments and they play and sing at the party! Pamela can play an instrument She usually wears jeans and T-shirts at the camp.

But I always dance How is Summer Camp this year? Thanks for your letter Erika Location: Every day at the camp My holidays are starting today!

Writing 2 rispondi alle domande Gary Chiede a Jim se gli piace il nuovo insegnante di educazione fisica Is Marion reading now? Gli propone di fare uno spuntino Dice che si chiama signor Richards Chiede a Jim se ha fame Chiede come si chiama Risponde che va bene e chiede a Gary se gli piace il gelato.

Male Female father The chair is..! Completa le frasi con le preposizioni in front of Nice to meet you I have. Revision Unit Test 2 Functions 10 Completa il testo con le parole date.. Functions 8 Riordina le battute dei dialoghi Is there.

A 1 Are you ready to order? There is.. Are there. Have we got B 1 Would you like a starter? InClasse 8 Riordina le battute dei dialoghi Would you like a bottle or a glass?

New Year’s Eve Dinner Menu

How much soup do you want? Friday afternoon Great idea! I love Italian food Vocabulary 6 Scrivi domande e risposte brevi usando il simple past del verbo be Monday afternoon The boys Do you want to come to my house? I love doing sports Aggettivo possessivo negativa. Pronome possessivo my mine your This is her house Andy was at the cinema last night.

Sometimes singers and bands do hundreds of concerts before they become famous Famous artists are incredibly good at their jobs because they practice a lot and are very disciplined Reading 1 Scrivi i titoli dei paragrafi scegliendoli tra quelli dati A lot of singers and bands do small concerts Why is it difficult to go on a TV programme?

Which talent show only wants singers? TV talent shows Go to a good school Start small People think bands and singers become famous overnight Why are famous artists good at their jobs?

Instant fame! Some TV programmes want dancers You can get extra tuition to help you become a professional artist The teachers help young musicians There are special schools for young people with talent. Maybe you would like to form a band with your friends Maybe you have a great voice or you are a brilliant musician Poi rispondi alle domande Susie e Mark Her real name is Jessica Ellen She sings soul Jessie J is a Compila la colonna della tabella dedicata a te per descriverlo She was a My awesome band!

Name of the band Type of music Number of people in the band Instruments in the band Names of people in the band Place and date of the last concert How many people were at the concert? She was born in London in Chiedi informazioni al compagno riguardo al suo gruppo Liam 1 Why was last Saturday important? The centre was enormous and there were a lot of students there from all the different schools in the area The exam was 3 hours long and I was very happy to finish Karen 6 Where was Karen on Saturday morning?

The exam was quite hard: Liam Karen Last Saturday was great Some of my friends were at the club and the band was great Reading 1 Leggi che cosa hanno fatto Liam e Karen sabato scorso There were chips and sandwiches There was also a lot of food to eat There were about ten students from my school in total It was the first day of the holidays Last Saturday morning there was an English exam at an examination centre in town In the afternoon In the evening there was a film on television but I was really tired The concert was really good fun and it was a great birthday There The For the There was a prawn cocktail antipasto and some Italian egg pasta with a cheese sauce for the At the end They The competition Musical instruments: Were there Just a few He had In the end..

Was there Types of music: John and his band John John at the party? He has a sister and a brother Before he leaves home in the morning He has breakfast at home. They live in a flat near his school At breaktime There was a guitar He was born in Egypt At lunchtime he eats a few sandwiches and an apple or an orange The band now plays hip hop He drinks cola at lunchtime His big meal is in the evening He always has fruit at lunchtime.

Last year Kamal was in a rock band with three of his friends He lives a long way from his school..

He usually eats a big meal in the evening Can I have a coffee? Neither do I I also She So do I It was boring It was f It was delicious It was s Me too So do I. Susan arrived.. It was b It was a So do I.. It John ordered order a steak and chips I love musicals I love pizza I like playing basketball We read a poetry book for the exam It was at school I saw Jane at the swimming pool I went to school yesterday The weather was sunny in Rome last week She phoned Kai I went to meet Sam I met Rebecca to do some homework The weather was very bad yesterday At 11 p It was very good It was Music At 10 p We went to Turkey We can go sailing today I went to the library to study With my friend Angela New York I ate pasta and salad for lunch yesterday.

Because I like it I need my umbrella I had a good time at the party We saw a film called Wild Things! The weather was cold and wet last winter It arrived in the morning I went to the party I ate an ice-cream I chatted to Maria on the phone.. We went to Ireland.. Did you download a new jacket?

[Download] Ricordati di sorridere .

I bought a new jacket I wore my jeans to school On the beach. It was cloudy We went swimming. Vocabulary 1 Guarda le immagini e completa le frasi con le parole date I went to Greece. We stayed at a bed and breakfast.. His mum and dad worked in a cotton mill.. The holidays were finished at the end of August.. The weather was not always very good. Cotton mills.

Not all families had money to go away. Families with some money went to the beach at Blackpool or Morcambe. Every year in Blackpool there were amazing In the evenings they went to special travelling fairs in the towns with lots of attractions. My dad said it was church chiesa amazing to see.

Workers in the mills worked six days a week.

Every day. They could relax only on Sundays. They usually stayed in a bed and breakfast. All the buses and trams were factory fabbrica decorated. Skills and Culture Units 2 3 Ascolta due persone Che cosa facevano? Mary o Bill A Where did you go? B I went to the mountains Anna went on holiday to the mountains Scegli una risposta per ogni riga Mary e Bill John Timmer arrived in New York ready for a fantastic holiday with his six friends Lucy Davids booked a nice hotel near the beach in Greece..

He got a taxi to the airport immediately Karen de Silva also went to eat in an expensive restaurant when she was on holiday in Turkey On the day of her flight. Reading Holiday disasters Everyone loves to go on holiday She lived a long way from the airport!

When she checked in She stayed in hospital for five days They went for a flight volo coffee together to forget what happened..

She planned to relax and read her book for a week. She quickly ran to her car Mark Peterson had a great holiday in Spain When he arrived home On the first evening They planned to go sightseeing..

On the last night he went to an all-night party and when he arrived at the hotel the next morning He made lots of friends and went to lots of parties The doctors said she had food poisoning His plane was at 11 a She arrived I had a bad holiday when I went to She nearly missed her plane Lucy Davids left her passport at home so she drove home to get it You eat this with Yorkshire pudding A type of music A film with cowboys We met at my house The opposite of boring Part of a meal Every morning Jessica and Catherine.

It was a really fun holiday. They were very sad when we left. We all love dancing and music. Last summer. I and my friends. We went to Ireland and stayed in a campsite near the beach. The weather was all right. How It takes thirty minutes It takes five minutes Il cinema si trova sulla sinistra.. The bus stop is. The school is.. Are you working tomorrow? How long does it take to I am going go to school tomorrow Palace Street Sottolinea gli errori Leah is B 1 What does your best friend look like?

Keanu is My English teacher is The other students are shorter than him B 1 What does your teacher look like? I really want to pass it They are brown Mike is cleverer than clever Joe This film is too scary She is Who has the longest long hair?

Mara is my best friend In fact The next day. Glossary Finally. A million people died of hunger and another million emigrated.

We live in Cork. Last week. Me and my friends are going shopping to download some shoes.. In the morning. It has amazing collections of art and sculptures from many different countries.

On Monday. The zoo does a lot of work around the world to help animals and stop the destruction of their habitat. On Thursday morning.

Trova 10 errori in quello che dice Reading Recent research shows that there are many different types of intelligence. They are outgoing and talkative.

DAVID GROSSMAN, Qualcuno con cui correre Il ... - CRAL Unicredit

Maths and Science are usually their favourite subjects. They dress well because they know what shapes and colours go well together They can solve problems because they can make connections between things better than most people. They enjoy parties and chatting.

At school. They are often good at Art and Design Maybe they play a musical instrument or sing. Researchers say that people usually have a mix of different types of intelligence. Can one student be more intelligent than all the others in a class? Different types of intelligence include: They have a good sense of rhythm and natural intonation.. Kinaesthetic people are really good at sports.

At school they are typically good at languages and Literature. Kim did the Maths olympics last year Parla del tipo di intelligenza che avete e dai qualche esempio concreto per sostenere le tue idee parole I think Kim has got logical intelligence because she did the Maths olympics last year I live in Italy.

I went on holiday with Mara.. The programme started at 9 p It takes about 10 minutes on foot Anna or Sara? For example George is taller than me Who plays the piano? Who goes to St David High School? George and I are twins Our hair is the same colour Who is good at Geography? Who likes Maths? We both go to St David High School B dice di girare a sinistra I like Maths and Art B risponde che vorrebbe un panino Whose hair is straighter? Who is a good basketball player?

Who is visiting Spain next August? Who has got brown eyes? Sta andando dal dentista Who stopped playing basketball? I like I love I hate Italian food I can take the bus. Do we have to go? I want to talk to you I like speaking speak English We must listen to the teacher You I make it later? My back hurts Then you should go to bed early She feels s What should I get her? You should get her a presentWorkers in the mills worked six days a week.

I wore my jeans to school I can Her favourite actress is Anne Hathaway and her favourite film is One Day. I want some new flip flops and maybe a hat and sunglasses too!

I love music! A type of music My parents Do you like Eminem?