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Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Giffin's sophomore effort-which tells the story that her bestselling Something Borrowed did from a different. Editorial Reviews. Review. Product Description. The smash-hit debut novel for every woman who has ever had a complicated love-hate friendship. eBooks are not transferable. They cannot be Emily Giffin - Something blue Font file:///C:/DOCUME~1/Admin/LOCALS~1/Temp/Rar$EX/Emi Font Color.

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The Nest. Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney. Hearts at Stake. Alyxandra Harvey. Allegiant Divergent Trilogy, Book 3. Veronica Roth. The Matchmaker. She ended up pregnant with an ex-fiance who left her for her ex-best friend, and a boyfriend who she cheated the ex-fiance with who also leaves her eventually. Not even her parents gave her any support once they found out she was pregnant. Once this happens, she realizes the world she built for herself was totally superficial, shallow and vain and she just doesn't know how to really make things better.

Seriously, she has no clue as she doesn't actually comprehend what's wrong on the first place. The only way she found to make things a bit brighter was running away to England to her childhood and only remaining friend, Ethan. Now here is where things start to get interesting.

Sigh, I just have no words to describe the amazing relationship they build together. They were just perfect for each other, total opposites but the type that makes you become a better person. I just loved how both changed for the better by living together.

She cheated on her fiance, her lover leaves her and her friends have all abandoned her. And that's the first half of the book. At the lowest point in her life and pregnant, she travels to London to stay with a childhood friend and hopefully get her life in order. The second half of this book is great. It's both satisfying and uplifting. How much did I love the second half?

View all 7 comments. So, even though I didn't love Something Borrowed, the ending was so sudden, I felt compelled to finish the story by reading Something Blue. I have to admit that I hate drama queens in real life, and Darcy is all about creating drama in her life.

For the first portion of the book, I focused on how, as a character, Darcy was exactly as I remembered her from before. She was obsessed with figuring out how someone could not love her the most, and destructive in her competitiveness. After a very well So, even though I didn't love Something Borrowed, the ending was so sudden, I felt compelled to finish the story by reading Something Blue. After a very well given wake-up call, she starts to change the outward problems, but that doesn't necessarily lead to inward changes as well.

Giffin leaves out a chunk of time in Darcy's progression from self-centered competitor to loving mother, and I felt ripped off that I put up with the crappy character only to get short changed on her maturing.

I liked it better than Something Borrowed, where I definitely felt more connected to Rachel, but judging it on its own, it was definitely just 2 stars. Now I can say I've read Giffin without having to read any more. Me gusto el final, se dieron las cosas que me faltaron en el libro de Rachel y fue todo muy dulce.

Jun 08, Angele Melanson rated it really liked it. I really liked Something Blue!! I would have given it a 4,5 if I had the option. It is the sequel to Something Borrowed, which I truly enjoyed reading as well.

I was expecting this sequel be about Darcy and Rachel's relationship but in Darcy's voice. Although their relationship is developed in this book it is not the main focus. This story focuses more on Darcy's feelings and emotions.

Something blue

I was ready to hate Darcy because she is so shallow and superficial, but to my surprise I loved her!! Sure I really liked Something Blue!! Sure, she made me roll my eyes more than once, but as the story goes on, I felt sorry for her and as she matured I began to really love her.

Ethan is more present in this book, which is a good thing because I liked him very much in Something Borrowed and wanted to read more about him. I found myself wanting to know a little bit more of what happens to the other characters from Giffin's first Novel: Rachel, Dex and Marcus. Although, you find out a little bit about them, I was left wanting more. Especially about Rachel, I missed her in this book.

Just when you think that you have the story all figured out, there are a few surprises that you don't see coming, which made this book even more enjoyable. The author wrote the perfect ending for the book. I recommend this book to anyone who's looking for a light, easy read and liked Something borrowed. May 29, Sarah Darlington rated it it was amazing.

One of my all time favorites. This and Something Borrowed. View all 9 comments. Mar 30, Nicola Marsh added it Shelves: As a writer, one of our greatest challenges is to redeem a seemingly unredeemable character.

And that's what Emily Griffin does to perfection in this novel. Darcy is an unlikeable character in the first book Something Borrowed and starts off in a similar vein in this book. Which makes it all the sweeter to see her self-awakening. Enjoyed the flow of this one. Aug 22, Rose rated it did not like it Shelves: Initial reaction: I read this book earlier this past year but didn't write a review on it because I wanted to read it a second time to write a thorough review.

I still have the book and will probably go through it again just to clarify details Suffice to say it was worse than the first book and completely out of character for Darcy in conjunction with the first book. Full review: I'm actually just getting around to reviewing this book in , but upon reviewing the narrative, not much abou Initial reaction: I'm actually just getting around to reviewing this book in , but upon reviewing the narrative, not much about my opinion has changed in that time, unfortunately.

I read this before I decided I was done with reading any more of Giffin's narratives long story behind that , but to reflect on "Something Blue" - I think Darcy's narrating voice was even more grating than Rachel's from the last book. I didn't enjoy that part.

She's an extremely self-absorbed character. While that might actually make for an interesting narrative to see how she changes over time, for me, I couldn't stand it most of the time.

And the fact that there's a quite a bit of sexual shaming and suicidal jokes in the beginning really just did not hit it off with me at all. Nonetheless, I swallowed my nerves and trucked on through the narrative.

I think the overarching impressions that I had from this was that as a chick-lit novel At all. I couldn't identify with Darcy, and half the time, I spent groaning about the things she complained about and her general pettiness. Not to mention she's pretty bitter about Rachel and Dex getting hooked up and complains and blames about it to everyone she knows.

While I could understand her hurt, for me - it was tough to feel any kind of sympathy because of the way she made it out like she did nothing wrong with her own cheating against Dex and basking in some form of self-denial. As many of you know, I do not like cheating scenarios. I can read about them if they're portrayed with some kind of level of mature depth or detail, but not if it's just trainwrecky for the sake of being so. And this was definitely the latter.

Darcy has to contend with carrying Marcus's child in this narrative, and while Marcus affirms he wants to keep the baby and support it, Darcy muses over ways to "control" him. Yeah, like it's ever a good idea to try to mold anyone to be something they're not. She complains, and complains, and complains constantly while they're together. And then there's Ethan. Granted, I actually sort of liked Ethan in the first book because he didn't put up with Darcy in the slightest, but then this book does a and has them going together?

The character development in this book is terribly manipulative and mismatched. The transformation Darcy undergoes is far too quick to truly digest in any kind of realistic measure, and then the ending?

Really shallow and predictable.

At the time I read this, I planned to try another series to see if any of Giffin's other writings worked for me because I believe in second chances and there was a good chance that this series just didn't work for me collectively speaking.

But to be honest, I think revisiting this novel made me realize the quality doesn't match up and the fact that there are far better chick-lit novels out there to pick up that aren't as cliched or infuriating. Or if they're cliched, at least they feel fulfilling and make me care about the characters far more than this one did. Overall score: Mar 13, Steph Su rated it really liked it Shelves: Darcy intends to marry Marcus and raise their baby together, but when Marcus refuses to have anything to do with her, Darcy, panicked and out of options in what once was the opportunity-filled New York, decides to go stay with her childhood friend Ethan in London.

At first, Darcy is having a blast in London, what with all the new shopping that she can do and all. Who needs Rachel and Dex anyway? But a big fight with Ethan opens her eyes to all her faults. Despite his stinging words, Darcy realizes that he has only spoken the truth, and vows to turn her life around, for herself, her unborn baby, and Ethan.

And changing herself turns out to not be very difficult at all. She finds a gynecologist, Geoffrey Moore, but very soon switches doctors after she and Geoffrey start being an item. Geoffrey is everything Darcy had ever wanted in a man: The perfect gentleman. Which is just as well because Ethan has started to see someone too. But although life in London is turning out just as she imagined—finding the perfect man to take care of her and her child—something is just not right.

That maybe she had never been in love before until this moment, and that the man she loved was right next to her and just might love her back. As always, Giffin does an envious job creating real, complex characters and helping them grow into better people. Jan 05, Janine Coleman rated it it was ok.

Given how much I enjoyed the first book in this duo, "Something Borrowed", I was under the assumption that this next book would be a slam dunk. And truth be told, the first half of the book fit the bill.

Darcy, the main character, really gets what's coming to her and I applaud that. Revel in it, even. She lost her fiance and her best friend in the previous novel, and continues this selfish downward spiral by losing her second best friend and her parents once she announces her illegitimate pregna Given how much I enjoyed the first book in this duo, "Something Borrowed", I was under the assumption that this next book would be a slam dunk.

She lost her fiance and her best friend in the previous novel, and continues this selfish downward spiral by losing her second best friend and her parents once she announces her illegitimate pregnancy.

Her narcissism eventually costs her the relationship with the father of her child, at which point she really hits rock bottom, with absolutely no one on her side. The book takes a wrong turn for me upon Darcy's decision to fly to England and crash with childhood friend, Ethan.

We were introduced to Ethan in the previous book, so suffice it to say that I was under the impression that he harboured strongly negative feelings towards Darcy, since he tends to side with her ex-best friend, Rachel.

The story then becomes about Darcy's realization of how selfish and self-centered she has been and her determination to make things better. And of course, once she 'decides to be a better person', her life completely and magically turns around.

She finds rich and intelligent friends as well as a rich and handsome boyfriend that she eventually dumps for Ethan. Because somehow in all this mess, she decides that she's in love with him. They get married and live happily ever after, Darcy forgives all the parties that wronged her, yadda yadda.

I think my main discomfort with Darcy's fairy tale ending is that Emily Giffin hurls you all this information in the space of five or six chapters at the end of the book.

I felt that Darcy's transformation would have been more believable had it taken more time for her to find it, and honestly, had she struggled a bit more. This all does happen during the time of pregnancy, which is to say less than a year.

I found it a little hard to swallow.

I enjoy Emily Giffen's writing style and the voice she gives her characters in her novels, but I have to say that her previous novel was quite better than this one.

OK, let me start off with saying I liked it. I finished reading it and I didn't hate Darcy. Here's the thing: The ending was perfect. It was sweet, sentimental and delightful. As a regular reader of romantic fiction, it was great. But I don't think the setup is real. The Darcy from Something Borrowed, the Darcy that starts this book would not have been so affected by Ethan's "take down" which was really a gentle conversation.

Maybe she really was altered by being dumped twice in such a short peri OK, let me start off with saying I liked it. Maybe she really was altered by being dumped twice in such a short period, but I've known real people, who after all that happens just thinks it's the fault of fate, or the other person or blah blah blah.

I can't see Darcy just switching gears one day. Maybe she could. Maybe she'd be smart and realize she'd gotten a second third, th chance with Ethan. Maybe their friendship was more important than the made it appear previously.

Maybe Ethan did like her more than it appeared in Something Borrowed where it seemed that he was around her because Rachel was. But I didn't download it. Darcy's relationship with Ethan was lovely, and I appreciated it for all it's sentiment. I just wish it felt real, and not just some story told to make us think that she was saved by love. Maybe my pragmatic side is working overtime, but my romantic "this is bull" meter was pinging off the hook. Jan 13, liz rated it really liked it Shelves: So I read this, the follow-up to "Something Borrowed" , this morning.

And while it was great to see Darcy's development as a character, I didn't feel like this book was quite as eventful as the last one. Maybe it's just that I find pregnancy to be less exciting than l-o-v-e.

At least there's a happy ending. Loyal, reliable Rachel, my best friend of twenty-four years, who always had my interests ahead of, or at least tied with, her own, had-- WHAM! Blindsided me. The surprise element of her betrayal was what burned me the most.

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The fact that I never saw it coming. It was as unexpected as a seeing-eye dog willfully leading his blind, trusting owner into the path of a Mack truck. Jan 15, Kassie rated it really liked it Shelves: I almost didn't read this book when I realized that it was going to be from Darcy's perspective.

That would have been a huge mistake! At the of Something Borrowed I could not stand Darcy's character so I couldn't bear the thought of reading a whole book about her, I continued to have that feeling as I started reading this book. Then suddenly you get these glimps of a good person and you feel yourself actually feeling sorry for her and then before you know it you are cheering for her!Laura Dave.

I left Something Borrowed really hating that character. Learn how we and our ad partner Google, collect and use data. Let's Misbehave. View 1 comment. Part of me even started to feel sorry for her at her lowest points. One person found this helpful.