these cold foods, and/or an area of specialization in professional culinary arts. Members of today's garde manger share in a long culinary and social tradition. Garde Manger - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. the professional garde manger cold sauces and cold soups salads. Jul 6, Download ebook GARDE MANGER - The Art And Craft of The Cold Kitchen 4th Edition. The leading guide to the professional kitchen's cold food station, of The Cold Kitchen 4th Edition | 35 Mb | Pages | PDF | English.

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pantry chef, is the person (or persons) responsible for cold food preparations. In professional kitchens, the term garde manger is typically extended to include all. SECTIONS. What Is Garde. Manger? Salads and Salad. Dressings . Pro- sciutto, an Italian ham, is made by dry curing with salt. A wet cure is also. The leading guide to the professional kitchen's cold food station, now fully revised and updated Garde Manger: The Art and Craft of the Cold Kitchen has been.

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A culinary professional is an artist, a businessperson, a scientist, and a cultural explorer, among other attributes. Acquiring the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in this profession is a lifelong journey.

Employees look for jobs that offer the opportunity to use the skills and education they already possess and, at the same time, the chance to learn new skills.

Garde Manger

Employers rely upon the general and specic skills of the craft taught by these schools to establish a common education and training Employers today look for both experience and education when they hire at virtually all levels above entry level. At the most prestigious shops, even entry-level positions may demand one the professional garde manger ground of ability.

This saves them hours of on-the-job training. The demand for graduates continues to grow each year, and so has the number of programs specializing in the culinary arts. The best education couples hands-on practice with coursework devoted to product and equipment knowledge. In addition, a well-rounded program provides study in important aspects of culinary arts as a business: customer service, math, food and menu costing, team building, and organizational skills.

Programs that are recognized in the industry attract high-quality instructors and offer opportunities for students to network, join clubs and organizations, compete, and do advanced studies in an area of specialization. Their graduates receive plenty of hands-on experience and develop condence and control in all areas of culinary arts. Industry leaders look to graduates of those programs to staff their companies because they bring with them a solid foundation.

Even garde manger chefs who already have achieved signicant success in their careers take advantage of the many opportunities offered through continuing education. Classes that are tailored to a specic topic give professionals exposure to new techniques and methods and new equipment and ingredients.

Take the extra minute or two required to really examine the ingredient and make note of what it looks like, how it smells or feels, its shape, and its color.

Classes, workshops, or demonstrations that offer comparison tastings are excellent learning opportunities. You can also arrange your own blind tastings. This information is invaluable, whether your responsibility is using ingredients appropriately or downloading them to maintain quality and prot. Beyond knowing the color, taste, and cost of an ingredient, however, todays garde manger chefs typically nd themselves facing an increasing number of special concerns about the manner in which foods are grown, harvested, and processed.

A safe and wholesome food supply is a growing concern of both the public and the profession. Topics such as sustainable agriculture, bioengineering, genetically modied organisms GMOs , organics, and the support of local and regional growers all factor into the decisions you and your business must make.

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However, acquiring the tools and ingredients, as well as the skills required to use them, can be time-consuming and somewhat expensive. To produce some items, you need not only the correct equipment and ingredients but also the appropriate storage spaceone you can keep at the correct temperature and humidity. In addition to working with knives, pots, and pans, the garde manger must be well versed in the use of equipment such as meat slicers and grinders, food processors, smokehouses, brining tubs and salometers, and, for some practitioners, ice-carving tools.

When you know what an ingredient looks like, tastes like, and acts like, you can use that knowledge to be more creative, more adaptable, and more efcient.

At rst you may rely solely upon the recipe or formula to tell you what to use. As long as everything required by the recipe is on hand, things should work garde manger Learn to use important business tools; computers, the Internet, budgets, accounting systems, and inventory control systems all play a role. Many organizations, from the largest chains to the smallest one-person catering company, rely upon software systems that allow them to efciently administer a number of areas: inventory, downloads, losses, sales, prots, food costs, customer complaints, reservations, payroll, schedules, and budgets.

If you are not using a system capable of tracking all this information and more, you cannot be as effective as you need to be.

Your own mission statement, if properly worded, keeps you on track and helps you make the best possible career moves. A precise and specic plan for an event can keep it on track and on budget. A thorough and fair interview can unearth the perfect employee or business partner. Each of these activities demands good communication skills.

Todays garde manger must communicate using a wider variety of media than ever before, from written memos and letters to e-mails, reports, videoconferencing, and interactive learning. A good education program addresses the general and specic communication needs of its students and offers courses, workshops, and tutoring or labs in a wide range of communication skills. Keeping current with basic skills and new trends is a lifelong task.

Once initial training has been completed, continuing education is equally important, as the industry is constantly evolving. Evaluate your career, both as it is right now and as you would like it to be in the future, and then take the appropriate steps to keep on top of the latest information in the areas in which you are most interested. Attend classes and workshops, hone your skills in specialized areas, keep up with new ingredients or equipment, learn new management strategies, or strengthen your skills in team building, writing and communication, marketing, and promotion.

Some of the courses or seminars you attend can earn you credits CEUs, or continuing education units. They may be necessary to achieve certain certications or advancements. Continuing education and professional development programs are available through a wide range of colleges and universities, in both traditional and online learning environments. Not all continuing education occurs in a classroom or over an Internet hookup. Magazines, television programming, newsletters, Web sites, government publications, and books are all excellent sources.

Directed travel programs can open up a completely new way of seeing the profession by exposing you to a new cuisine, a new part of the world, a new ingredient, or a new contact. Every career choice or move that you make is part of your lifelong education. If you have a long-term plan, you can choose jobs that give you the opportunity to learn new skills and networking The old saying Its who you know has a great deal of truth. The group of professionals you know is called a network.

A solid network is an indispensable tool for the professional and should include members of your industry from as many areas as possible. Knowing someone in one the professional garde manger a niche not obviously related to your own can turn up unexpected opportunities.

Creating a professional network is a task that should be taken seriously. Working with other professionals to share information and knowledge is an important avenue of growth, both professional and personal. Networks can be formal or informal. The way to begin is simply to introduce yourself to others in your eld.

Have business cards with you when you go out to other restaurants or to trade shows. Write letters to individuals whose work you have seen and admired. Join professional organizations to expand your network. Well-run groups typically have a variety of meetings and forums to allow members to come in contact with each other. Take advantage of local and national meetings and conventions to learn more about your profession.

When you make a good contact, follow up with a phone call or a note. The communication that you develop with your peers will keep your own work fresh and contemporary, and an established network makes it much easier for you to nd a new job or an employee.

Professional magazines, journals, newsletters, chef's associations, and Web sites have information about contests on the local, national, and international levels.

Whenever you submit your work to the scrutiny of a panel of judges, you learn. Critical review provides you a means to keep improving in a way that your daily production work never can. Practice, research, and the stress of competition exercise your professional muscles, just as competing in a sporting event strengthens an athlete. Even if you are not entered in the competition, attend the judging if you can so that you can benet from the experience. In the case of a restaurant, these might include food and beverage inventory, tables, chairs, linens, china, atware, glassware, computers and point-of-sale systems, cash registers, kitchen equipment, cleaning supplies, and warewashing machines.

When we talk about managing physical assets, we are considering how anything that you must download affects your ability to do business well. The rst step in bringing the expenses associated with your physical assets under control is to know what your expenses actually are.

Then you can begin the process of making the adjustments and instituting the control systems that will keep your organization operating at maximum efciency. One of the biggest expenses for any restaurant will always be food and beverage costs. You or your downloading agent will have to work hard to develop and sustain a good downloading system. Because each operation has different needs, there are no hard-and-fast rules, just principles that you will apply to your own situation.

Maintaining quality is of course the highest priority. Learning new skills, so 10 garde manger that you can make the best possible use of the time you have, certainly ought to be an ongoing part of your career development. If you look over your operation, you will see where time is wasted. In most operations, the top ve time-wasters are: 1 no clear priorities for tasks, 2 poor staff training, 3 poor communication, 4 poor organization, and 5 missing or inadequate tools. To combat these time-wasters, use the following strategies.

If you dont invest this time up front, you may nd yourself squandering precious time following your workers around, picking up the slack, and handling work that shouldnt be taking up your day. Be specic, use the most concise language you can, and be as brief as possible without leaving out necessary information. If tasks are handled by a number of people, be sure to write each task out, from the rst step to the last.

Encourage people to ask questions if they dont understand. If you need help learning communication skills, consider taking a workshop or seminar to strengthen any weak areas. Does everyone have a basic understanding of which tasks are most important? Do they know when to begin a particular task in order to bring it to completion on time? It can be an eye-opening experience to take a hard look at where the workday goes.

Once you see that you and your staff need to walk too far to gather basic items or that the person who washes the dishes is sitting idle for the rst two hours of the shift, you can take steps to rectify the problem. You can try to reorganize storage space. You may decide to train the dishwasher to do some prep work, or you can rewrite the schedule so that the shift begins two hours later.

Until you are objective about what needs to be done and in what order, you cant begin the process of saving time. Planning work areas carefully, thinking about all the tools, ingredients, and equipment you need for preparation and throughout service, and grouping like activities together are all techniques that can help you organize your work better.

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Poor placement of large and small tools is a great time-waster. Use adequate, easy-to-access storage space for common items such as whips, spoons, ladles, and tongs. Electrical outlets for small equipment ought to be within reach of everyone. While you may be forced to work within the limits of your existing oor plan, be on the lookout for products or storage strategies that can turn a bad arrangement into one that works smoothly. Walk yourself and your staff through the jobs that must be done, and be sure that everyone understands how to do the work, where to nd necessary items, how far each persons responsibility extends, and what to do in case a question or emergency comes up.

Give your staff the quality standards they need to evaluate the job and determine if they have done one the professional garde manger 11 download, replace, and maintain all necessary tools A well-equipped kitchen will have enough of all the tools necessary to prepare every item on the menu. If you cant download new equipment, then think about restructuring the menu to even out the workload. If you cant remove a menu item, then invest in the tools you need to prevent a slowdown during service.

Read about all areas that might affect your career and your industry: business and economics, arts and entertainment, society and politics. Popular culture has a curious way of inuencing your work.

Your customers and clients do not live in a vacuum, and neither should you. There are numerous print and online sources devoted to the specics of new or unusual ingredients, unfamiliar dishes or equipment, and more. Information gathering can become a full-time task on its own. To make use of the information available, you must be able to analyze and evaluate carefully to sift out the important material from useless data and use all sorts of media and technology effectively.

Learn more about the professions history, not just because it is interesting but also because it gives relevance and ballast to the decisions you make. No matter how large or small your staff may be, the ability to engage all your workers in a team effort is one of the major factors in determining whether you will succeed or not.

Most people prefer to work in an environment where everyone can make a distinct and measurable contribution. The rst task in creating such an environment is a properly written job description. Training is another key component. To do a job well, the employee needs to know the quality standards and have those standards consistently reinforced with clear, objective evaluations, feedback, constructive criticism, and, when necessary, additional training or disciplinary measures.

Everyone has the right to work in an environment that is free from physical hazards. This means that, as an employer, you must provide a workspace that is well lit, properly ventilated, and free from obvious dangers, such as improperly maintained equipment.

Employees must have access to potable water and bathroom facilities.

Beyond this bare minimum, you may offer a locker room, a laundry facility that provides clean uniforms and aprons, or other such amenities. Workers compensation, unemployment insurance, and disability insurance are also your responsibility.

You are required to make all legal deductions from an employees paycheck and to report all earnings properly to state and federal agencies. Liability insurance to cover any harm to your facility, employees, or guests must be kept up to date and at adequate levels. Employers may choose to offer additional forms of assistance as part of an employee benets package.

Life insurance, medical and dental insurance, assistance with such things as dependent care, adult literacy training, and enrollment in and support for those enrolled in substance abuse programs are examples of the support an employer can provide for employees. Those who have made the greatest impact in their elds know that the cardinal virtues of the culinary profession are an open and inquiring mind, an appreciation of and dedication to quality wherever it is found, and a sense of responsibility.

Success also depends on several character traits, some of which are inherent, some of which are diligently cultivated throughout a career. This should include respecting not just the customer and his or her needs but also staff, food, equipment, and the facility itself. Waste, recklessness, disregard for others, and misuse or abuse of any commodity are unacceptable. Abusive language, harassment, ethnic slurs, and profanity do not have a place in the professional kitchen.

When employees feel that their needs are given due consideration, their self-esteem will increase and their attitude toward the establishment will improve; both will increase productivity and reduce absenteeism. Good service includes but is not limited to providing quality food that is properly and safely cooked, appropriately seasoned, and attractively presented in a pleasant environmentin short, making the customer happy.

The degree to which an operation can offer satisfaction in these areas is the degree to which it will succeed in providing good and, ideally, excellent service. The customer must always come rst. An ability to judge what is right and appropriate is acquired throughout a lifetime of experience. Good judgment is never completely mastered; rather, it is a goal toward which one should continually strive. Evaluating why some combinations work well while others are less successful offers valuable lessons in composing a dish.

What does the sauce bring to the dish? How does it function in the total composition? Does it contrast with or lift up a dish? How does it taste? Sauces are not just an afterthought. They add avor, color, texture, sheen, and moisture to a dish. In the cold kitchen, the chefs sauce repertoire includes: cold emulsion sauces Vinaigrettes and mayonnaise are made by combining two ingredients that would not otherwise blend homogeneously.

In order to understand how these sauces are prepared, we will rst discuss what an emulsion is and how it is formed. An emulsion consists of two phases, the dispersed phase and the continuous phase. When making vinaigrette, for example, the dispersed phase is the oil, meaning that the oil has been handled in such a way that it is broken up into very small droplets. Each oil droplet is suspended throughout the continuous phase, in this case the vinegar.

Temporary emulsions, such as vinaigrettes, form quickly and require only the mechanical action of whipping, shaking, or stirring. To make an emulsion stable enough to keep the oil in suspension, additional ingredients known as stabilizers are necessary. Stabilizers used to make cold sauces include mustard, honey, and dry spices. Starches such as those in garlic or modied starches such as cornstarch or arrowroot are also used. These stabilizers are able to attract and hold both the oil and liquid in suspension so that the mixture does not separate into its two phases.

In some instances, the molecules of the emulsiers surround the molecules in the Cold emulsion sauces: vinaigrettes and mayonnaise Dairy-based sauces Contemporary sauces Salsas Coulis and pures Coating sauces Miscellaneous cold sauces such as horseradish and mignonette 16 garde manger dispersed phase and prevent them from joining back together again.

Stable emulsions, such as mayonnaise, are made by very carefully controlling the rate at which the oil is added to the egg yolks. Egg yolks provide a special emulsier known as lecithin that holds the oil droplets in suspension.

The oil is added very gradually at rst so that the droplets can be made extremely ne. The more oil that is added to the yolks, the thicker the sauce will become. If the oil is added too rapidly, the emulsion cannot start to form properly. And if the emulsion becomes too thick early in the mixing process, the full amount of oil cannot be added unless the sauce is thinned with a little water or an acid such as vinegar or lemon juice. Nowadays they are even served warm. It is interesting to note that while oil is the largest component by volume and weight of a vinaigrette, the sauce is most often named for the acidred wine vinaigrette, balsamic vinaigrette, lemon vinaigrette, or tomato vinaigrette.

The avor of the acid dominates that of the oil. When an oil has a distinctive enough avor, however, the vinaigrette may be called by the oils name. An oil-in-water emulsion left disperses oil droplets in water, while a waterin-oil emulsion right disperses water droplets in oil. Examples of an oilin-water emulsion include mayonnaise and vinaigrette, while an example of a waterin-oil emulsion is butter.

Temporary emulsions are created through mechanical agitation, which breaks molecules up into smaller sizes and disperses them throughout the continuous phase. If the emulsion is left to sit, however, its lack of stabilizer will cause it to separate eventually.Many bitter greens also have spicy green characteristics and so some greens can fall into both categories.

Beyond knowing the color, taste, and cost of an ingredient, however, todays garde manger chefs typically nd themselves facing an increasing number of special concerns about the manner in which foods are grown, harvested, and processed.

Serve in chilled cups. The following guidelines should also be observed when handling salad greens. Remove with a perforated spoon and blot dry before adding to salads. Add cayenne as needed.