Download this PDF book for free to learn mobile phone repairing. any mobile cell phone of any brand including iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, .. place to soldier and now i dont know where to soldier the third one jumper. - download Modern Mobile Phone Practical Jumper Setting Vol 1 book Modern Nokia Mobile Phone Multicolor Ckts,Servicing Diagram & Repairing: v. 3. iPhone 6S Display Light Solution LCD Jumper Problem Ways Iphone Repair, Apple Iphone, Mobile Phone Repairing PDF Book Free Tutorial & Guide Schematic Diagram for Nokia Mobile Phones Free Cell Phone, Cheap Cell.

Nokia Mobile Jumper Book

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Nokia Cell Phone Screen Repair Light Problem Solution Jumper Ways This post is all about Nokia fix phone screen problem solution. Mohamed Salah. Modern Mobile Phone Practical Jumper Setting Nokia Special Vol 2 Paperback Books- download Modern Mobile Phone Practical Jumper Setting Nokia Special Vol 2. Mobile-Phone-Repairing-PDF Best book of Mobile repairing book. Latest mobile repairing book. New good mobile repairing. Try to learn book.

I can text on my little Nokia, it has a torch, oh, and the battery lasts a week. And should I ever drop my phone it simply falls apart, nothing breaks and I snap it back together.

The peace of mind this has given me has been exhilarating. Less cluttered. Morpheus likes it old school, too I do miss not having a camera in my phone and early on I found myself needing the map, but now before I leave my home I look up my destination on my laptop and remember the directions. All offices have computers.

This in itself is actually madness. The apparent need to slightly increase your camera speed every autumn prompts the replacement of an otherwise fully functioning device. Apart from the screen. People drop them a lot. Software Problems and Solutions.

Mobile Phone Repairing PDF Book Free Tutorial & Guide

Identification of Small Partsin a Mobile Phone. AC: Alternate Current.

DC: Direct Current. IC: Integrated Circuit. RF: Radio Frequency.

TX: Transmit Transmitting Section. Soldering Iron Soldering Station www. Electronic ComponentsWhile Soldering.


Soldering Ironwww. PCB Track. Fascia 2. Back Facia Facia Back Facia www.

LED www. Charging Connector Data Cable Connectorwww.

Battery Battery Connector www. SIM Card SIM Card Connector www. Memory Card Memory Card Connector www. Camera Camera Connector www.

Keypad Button Keypad Connector Display Display Connector www. Antenna PCB www.

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Antenna Point: The point where anteena is connected is called anteena point. Network Section: The section below anteena point and above power section is called network section.

Anteena Switch: It is found in the network section. It is made from metal and non-metal. It has 16 points or legs.

In some mobile phones, the anteena switch is merged with PFO. PFO: It is present beside the antenna switch. Power Section: This section is below the Network Section. In some mobile phones there are 2 Power IC.Work: It controls Speaker and Microphone of a mobile phone.

Yirlieb Simon says: Chima says: Network Section: In he joined the corporation to Korea Telecommunications Co. Godknows Ruzvidzo says: It has 16 points or legs.

Thanx alot for the great work and insight. In , the first black and white TV and color TV in were released.