Gu Family Book is a South Korean television series starring Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy. The fusion martial arts action. Itulah link download dari Drama Korea Gu Family Book Sub Indo 1 – 24(END) + BATCH. Download lebih banyak Drama Korea Sub Indo di. Já havia visto Big com ela e a detestei, mas agora sei que foi por causa de sua personagem mesmo. Em Gu Family Book ela é sensacional, e esteve perfeita.

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Link To The Game: Play Now! Gu Family Book description: Mimi Korean costume "Gu Family Book", born half-human beast Choi Kang home trying to become a. PROFILE Title: GU FAMILY BOOK / 구가의 서 / Gugauiseo Also known as: Ancient Medical Book / The Writings of Nine Houses / Book of the House of Gu / Kang Korean/Chinese Drama links. Episode. Asian drama new collection. Episode. GU FAMILY BOOK (KDRAMA) TAGALOG DUBBED CREDIT TO THE RIGHT OWNER FB LINK Episode 1.

Suzy Main Cast. Lee Seung Gi Main Cast. Choi Jin Hyuk Main Cast. See all. Cast - Kangchi, the Beginning. Kim Bo Mi Supporting Cast. Lee David Supporting Cast.

Lee Yoo Bi Supporting Cast. Uhm Hyo Sup Supporting Cast. Lee Yeon Hee Supporting Cast.

Kim Dong Gyoon Supporting Cast. Lee Sung Jae Supporting Cast. Kim Ki Bang Supporting Cast. Jo Jae Yoon Supporting Cast.

Yoo Dong Geun Supporting Cast. Kim Hee Jung Supporting Cast. Jung Joon Won Supporting Cast. Nam Hyun Joo Supporting Cast. Yoon Se Ah Supporting Cast. David McInnis Supporting Cast. Jo Sung Ha Supporting Cast. Kim Hee Won Supporting Cast. In actuality, Jung-yoon has been hanged, whereas Dam has committed suicide. Wol-ryung, unable to tell her the truth, lied to her and did not tell her that he is a gumiho. Wol-ryung decides to become human in order to be with Seo-hwa. To do so, he must live days without showing his true form to a human, without taking a life, and must help anyone that needs aid.

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But if he fails, he'll lose any chance of ever becoming human, and will become a demon for the next thousand years. Wol-ryung successfully lives most of these days following these rules, but one day, Gwan-woong's men find Seo-hwa alone in the forest. Wol-ryung rushes to help her and reveals his true form, massacring the soldiers. Seo-hwa, horrified, leaves him, and he is later killed by the righteous soldier Dam Pyeong-joon Jo Sung-ha , who had been told that the gumiho was murdering innocents.

Seo-hwa soon discovers that she is pregnant with Wol-ryung's child and gives birth to a son. Realizing that the baby isn't a monster and regretting her betrayal to Wol-ryung, Seo-hwa entrusts the baby in the care of a monk, So-jung Kim Hee-won. Seung Gi sure knows how to tempt.

Half man and half beast, in a medical related saeguk Pls pls pls pls pls don't do a Dr Jin and all will be good. Seung Gi and Suzy?

I can't wait! I just love them both so much! By the way, now that I'm seeing all these dramas scheduled for , I keep wondering where went.

Anybody else feel this way? Oh, can we change the name of this thread to "Ancient Medical Book"?

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Because that's the English translation that keeps appearing in the news articles, and that's probably the title that people will know this drama for. If somebody didn't post the link to this thread in the LSG threads, I wouldn't know this was the one for the drama.

Woohoo, Seunggi is back on drama! But if this is what Seunggi decides on, I'm going to have faith in him. There's yet a project he chose that disappoint me, so hope this one turns out good as well! By the way, I read that his management said, his character is not a gumiho but a half-man half beast. Hope to hear more news about this!

Unless MBC decides to change it's official name as this is the closest description I can find to the storyline. I miss you soooo sooo much!!!

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Recommended Posts. Posted October 18, Date of airing: MBC Time of airing: Cho Gwan Woong Lee Sung Jae who was born the lowest of class and was looked down upon by the people, managed to turn his desperate life around after getting first place in the military scholar exams.

Gu Family Book

Blinded by his ambitions and greed for power, he caused the death of Minister Yoon and brought downfall to the Yoon family when he falsely accused them of treason. Feeling unable to raise her son while escaping along with the fact that Wal Ryung has disappeared as well, she sent him down the river in basket hoping that someone could take him in. Meanwhile, Wal Ryung who has lost all his memories began to serve under his enemies as their underling.Yi places Kang-chi in the martial arts school run by Master Dam, and there he is trained physically and mentally and learns to control his transformations.

During a fight, a soldier slices off Kang-chi's beaded bracelet, which was used to contain his powers. Yang Jung-Kook is extremely upset and he goes out to drink.

Kangchi, the Beginning

Yi Sun-sin, Master Dam, and the late Lord Park were part of a secret group protecting the Joseon nation against foreign invasion. The editing fuction of the forum has already been fixed so you can edit your posts instead of repeating postings thinking that you can't. If somebody didn't post the link to this thread in the LSG threads, I wouldn't know this was the one for the drama.

But several obstacles remain in their way: