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Open Office Ebook Templates

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The first thing I did was to download a free template for OpenOffice that claimed it would format my book to perfection. Yeah, no. It turns out that you really don't. However, many people don't have Microsoft Word and kept asking us to create an Open Office Ebook Template for the site since Open Office is a free. How to Make an eBook Using Open Office. Open Office is a free collection of programs designed for office use (similar to the Microsoft Office.

Unfortunately, you will need to pay to use these sites. Design Software Just as you can design and edit online, you can also download design software to help you customize ebook templates offline whenever you like.

Open Office site Template

The best amongst these would have to be Adobe InDesign , and its less popular equivalent in this field Adobe Illustrator. Both apps are design-inclined and help you get the best results for your ebook. We have to warn you though, they have a steep learning curve.

Working with Templates Templates come with dummy images and text. All you need to do is replace their images and text with your own.

If you would like to change the color scheme, most platforms will allow you to make any changes you like. You will need to leave proper room within the layout, while you create your ebook, to add interactive content later.

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Reflowable layouts provide for a far smoother experience for your users. Top Seven Sites for Ebook Templates 1. Adobe Indesign By far the best source for ebook templates. But I want to make sure you have all the information at your fingertips so you can customize your templates and use them to their maximum potential!

Here is what is covered in this manual There are helpful screen shots throughout the entire manual so that you know precisely what needs to be done, and where, to complete each editing step easily. Basically everything you would ever need to know about editing, or creating your own ebook templates from scratch, has been included inside this one-of-a-kind easy start up guide.

And in case you really need to SEE how to do it, I'm also including For example, maybe you like a certain template but would prefer to change the color scheme and some of the graphics? These videos will show you how to do it You will download the videos with your Ebook Template collection today, and you can view them on any computer operating system Windows or Mac.

Can it get any easier?

Not unless I came to your house and did everything for you! And just to put this collection of fast-action bonuses way over the top, I'm also including And you'll receive a collection of great backgrounds that you can use for your ebook pages.

You'll have plenty of great backgrounds to work with, including ones like these PLUS many other extra graphics, with source files!

Just to review, here's what you're going to download today: Over pre-formatted Ebook Templates for use in OpenOffice Writer Graphics in both. PSD and. You've seen how it will put more money into your pocket by boosting the perceived value of your ebooks, while cutting down your refund rate.

You can have it today for only This is a one-time fee with no monthly costs!

Yes, I want to make great looking ebooks! Yes, I want instant access to the templates right now plus the fast action bonuses.

Ending soon Click the button below to download the package now I believe in these templates so much that I'm giving you complete access to the entire collection at my risk, not yours! I'm willing to do this because I believe they will truly help improve your business. After 60 days, all sales are final.Right here. The bottom line is that this template collection will save you money by enabling you to create amazing Ebooks on demand, any time you need them!

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AutoCorrect dictionary can trap typing mistakes on the fly, checking your spelling as you type. Your email address will not be published. It is simple enough for a quick memo, yet powerful enough to create complete books with contents, diagrams, indexes, etc.

The first thing I did was to download a free template for OpenOffice that claimed it would format my book to perfection.